Elvis Gospel

History documents that Elvis's deep love for Gospel music and The Blackwood's started when he was a small boy in Tupelo, Ms.  His Mother Gladys would play The Blackwood Brothers Quartet music, as they were her favorite group.

Elvis was raised on their music and grew to love The Blackwood's.

Elvis wanted to sing with The Blackwood's and they were his boyhood hero's.

If you desire to have large crowds and to see new people you have never seen before, think outside of the box!  Let us book your next event with “The Gospel Side of Elvis" concert with The Blackwood Quartet.

Millions still love those great memories of the Gospel side of Elvis performed by one of his favorite groups, The Blackwood's. Limited dates are available. Contact us today and relive memories of the greatest entertainer to have ever graced a stage. We await your response.

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