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  • Wilburn & Wilburn (Award Winning Team ) who have won many awards and have multiple Number 1 Hit Songs
  • Jonathan is  former Lead Singer with  Gold City Quartet
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Jonathan Wilburn

The name Wilburn has been a part of the music industry for several years. It seems as though when you mention this family, people recognize that you are talking about music. Not just any music, but Gospel Music, that is sang from the heart.

Jonathan Wilburn has taken the stage with his family The Wilburns and Gold City Quartet. His tenure in Gospel music has brought him close to the heart of people from all ages. Jonathan stated, "Gospel Music is my way of telling people what Jesus means to me". You will definitely understand what he is talking about the moment you have the experience of watching this seasoned veteran perform. It seems as though the fans agree, for Jonathan has been nominated and voted America’s #1 lead vocalist five times by the subscribers of The Singing News magazine. "My goal was never set on winning any award. I just wanted to sing and pray God would use my efforts to bring a little joy to somebody".

His singing started at a young age sitting beside his mother in church. Jonathan says "My greatest influence in singing was my mom (Elaine Wilburn)." "She sings alto like nobody else." After a long and fruitful time with his family group Jonathan became part of one of the most award winning Gospel groups of all time "Gold City Quartet". During his tenure of over 12 years this group experienced continued success with Jonathan as the group’s lead vocalist. Jonathan has been inducted, with Gold City, into the Alabama Music Hall Of Fame in Muscle Shoals, AL and The Gospel Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville, TN.

Jonathan began singing with his son Jordan in 2011, releasing their first CD, Family Ties. In 2012, they won the Singing News’ Horizon Group of the Year, with Jordan picking up the Horizon Individual Award. It seems like their group began at the top and stayed there, but Jonathan says it wasn’t as easy as it may have appeared.

The group’s last release, Shoulders, has experienced remarkable success on the Singing News Radio Charts with three Top 2 singles, including #1 songs ‘You Asked Him To Leave’ and ‘It’s What He’s Done.’ They also experienced #1 songs on AbsolutelyGospel.com’s weekly chart, including songs ‘Jesus Will’ and ‘You Asked Him To Leave.’ Wilburn and Wilburn have been honored with 2012 Breakthrough Artist of the Year and 2016 Country Album of the Year for Shoulders at the annual Absolutely Gospel Music Awards Celebration.

In 2017 Jonathan made the decision to become a solo artist after his son Jordan came off the road to spend more time with his wife and young children. In support of his solo career, Jonathan Wilburn is currently in the studio working on a new release, entitled God & Country. This album is on the Daywind label and produced by Scott Godsey, vice president of Daywind Records. The project is slated for a Fall 2017 release.

Tim Riley says this about Jonathan, "He (Jonathan) is a Spirit filled singer with great energy on stage and I would recommend Jonathan for any church or promoter".

Read what people are saying about Jonathan Wilburn

Michael Booth

Jonathan Wilburn can handle any stage, anytime and anywhere, all by himself. He is uniquely gifted with more charisma in his little finger than most people have throughout their whole body. His music and live presentation of Gospel music and Gospel message is second to none.


The Booth Brothers

Pastor Joey Hanner

Jonathan Wilburn has such a heart for Faith, Family and Country. He has a passion to see people saved and a love for the Church.

I am so honored to be his Pastor and his friend. I love watching God move in Jonathan's life and ministry..

I know God will use this ministry for his kingdom.


Pastor Union 3 Baptist Church

Dr. Johnny Hunt

Pastors, let me encourage you to bless your church through the Christ honoring ministry of Jonathan Wilburn. Through the years you have probably heard him in a quartet or duo ministry. Hear him now as the dynamic soloist he is. Your people will be encouraged and Christ will be lifted high.


Pastor, Woodstock Baptist Church Woodstock, GA

Dr. Jerry Vines

I was privileged to hear Jonathan sing with Gold City some time ago and then his son. He will be a blessing to your church or any other setting you have him. I pray the Lord will use him in a very special way.


Pastor Emeritus Jacksonville First Baptist

President Southern Baptist Convention (2 terms)

Bill Bailey

Jonathan Wilburn's Gospel Music resume speaks for itself. No one can deliver a song more powerfully than he can. But yet, it's his unashamed stance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that impresses me the most. Whether he is on a concert stage, fair/festival date, Bible conference, or church service, his witness for Christ never wavers. He is a family man, who is still in love with his childhood sweetheart; and his smile even widens when he talks about his children and grandchildren. Few people have a musical ministry that will touch the children and grandparents alike. Jonathan Wilburn has such a ministry, and it's my honor to strongly recommend him.


Happy Gospel Church
Bill Bailey Concerts
Bradenton, FL

Ivan Parker

When it comes to friendships, I consider Jonathan at the top! When it comes to performance and being led by the Spirit, he is in tune. We have shared many stages together and I have watched his compassion for the people and heart for God grow. You can trust Jonathan at your next event to sing the house down and bless the people!


Southern Gospel legend. Appearing on the Gaither Homecoming series.

Dr. Dennis Swanberg

Jonathan's voice compliments his 'heart and soul' for Jesus! Jonathan is the 'real deal'! Enjoy him and his music!!!


Side splitting laughter... soul building message

Motivational Speaker, America's Minister of Encouragement

Danny Jones

For more than 35 years, I've been a part of the Gospel Music community. During that time, seldom have I encountered anyone who is more passionate about this music than Jonathan Wilburn. It's not just a passion - it's almost a way of life for him.

However, for more than 40 years, I've been a part of the family of God. During that time, seldom have I encountered anyone more passionate about serving Jesus Christ than Jonathan Wilburn. It's not just a passion - it's THE way of life for him.


Editor in Chief of Singing News Magazine


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