Legendary Blackwoods

Some have a story,the Blackwoods have a Legend, here is a video of that Legend!

A Tribute

A Tribute To My Father And The Blackwood Family By The Statler Brothers

The Blackwoods on The Johnny Cash Show

Johnny Cash Show in 1971 and The Barbara Mandrell Show with the Blackwood Brothers! (Johnny Cash video is blurred but WORTH watching: JOHNNY & THE BLACKWOODS.)

  The Original Blackwood Brothers - 1951

This was before the crash in 1954, R.W Blackwood (Baritone) , James Blackwood (Lead), Bill Lyles (Bass) and  Dan Huskey (Tenor)

Ron Blackwood and The Legendary Willie Nelson! 

Ron put together a "Super Quartet" and here they are with WILLIE NELSON!

The Blackwood Brothers on the Mandrell Sisters TV Show

The Blackwood Brothers were on the Mandrell Sisters TV Show

The Blackwood Quartet with Ron Blackwood and R.W Blackwood - 1965

This Quartet was the precursor to The New Harvesters & The Blackwood Boys

In memory of Jack Marshall, One of the greatest piano players....

Golden Memories of The Blackwoods

If you're ready to book one of our artists, we're here to help. We love history, too. Enjoy these golden memories.

"History is an intricate part of who we are, where we have been, and where we are headed. Without history being documented in videos, pictures, and written documents we may never have known who Mozart was, or even the great works of Shakespeare. History is the written record of who we are, and this is a page dedicated to the history of our artist in music and even humor. Enjoy taking a walk back to the years before the internet and cell phones, when recording was done on reel to reel tape and there was no such thing as a loop or Auto-Tune. You either played it over and over or sang it over and over until it was perfect or it was not recorded. Enjoy a look back........"

~ Charlean D. Cole