Can I request an artist that isn't shown on this website?

Yes, but we require a few things in the beginning.

  • If you are inquiring about any genre other than Gospel Music, and this agency doesn't represent them exclusively, the agency requires an offer form and a non-refundable retainer fee. The fee will be assessed by the agency with regards to which artist you are requesting.
  • This fee is not a deposit. The deposit will be set after retaining the artist you are requesting.

How do I know if an artist’s calendar is open on a certain day?

You can get a good idea of an artist’s availability by checking the artist's website and looking at the tour dates listed. However, this may not account for personal blocks which are not listed on their website, so the best way to find out if an artist is open is to contact Ron Blackwood Agency directly by phone or by email on our contact page.

How much does it cost to book an artist?

There is no menu-style pricing for booking an artist. Pricing depends on several factors that are different for each artist and date, including availability and travel considerations.  Beyond the artist’s fee, there are also other costs that may come along with booking an artist – typically the promoter is responsible for providing meals, hotels and production for their concert.

Will your artist donate their time for our fundraising event?

Unfortunately we don’t schedule any of our artists without covering their expenses. A touring artist has a similar model to a church, all their income is typically  retained during the weekends or essentially 2-4 days a week to meet monthly needs. Artists rely heavily on each event to keep their full-time touring ministry operating, much as a church would from its members’ tithes.

However, there are still ways to schedule a benefit event that can work for both sides. By seeking sponsors to help cover the artists expenses, all ticket revenue can be retained by the benefit and used as an effective fundraiser. The event sponsor(s) will gain favorable exposure by association with the cause and with the artist, so it can serve as both a tax write-off and great publicity for a local business.

Next Steps...

If you are ready to book, or have questions, contact us. We're eager to help you get the artist you want. We can only help you if you start up a conversation.